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My deposit has not been credited yet, can you check please?
My deposit has not been credited yet, can you check please?
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There are several reasons why a deposit has not been credited to your account.

The most obvious reason is depositing less than the minimum deposit limit. We strongly suggest you to always check the minimum deposit limit for the currency you’re using prior to making a deposit. Sums less than the minimum deposit limit are considered lost funds, and there is nothing we can really do about it.

Minimum deposit amount per transaction (not including the network fee) is BTC 0.0005 • BCH 0.01 • DOGE 10 • ETH 0.01 • LTC 0.01 • USDT 5 • XRP 5 • TRX 10 • ADA 10 • BNB 0.01 • BUSD 5 • USDC 5.

Other reasons might include additional network confirmations or a high network load at the moment of depositing. Also, a transaction might not be completed due to a mistake — in that case, we simply ask the payment provider to manually credit it.

If you use the C2C (Crypto-to-Crypto) swap feature, we advise you to simply wait a little because depositing through C2C takes longer than usual deposits.

If the previous suggestions didn't work out for you, please check if you made a deposit to an appropriate address stated in the deposit modal window.

Also, please note that only accepts ERC-20 tokens for ETH (Ethereum) and USDT (Tether). Additionally, only BEP2 tokens are accepted for BNB, and BEP20 for BUSD, and only RippleNet tokens are allowed for XRP deposits.

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