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General questions about bonuses
General questions about bonuses
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Are there any free spins available?

Yes, and there are numerous ways to get them!

  1. Free spins are included in the welcome bonus (100 FS), and reload bonus (75 FS)

  2. You can win free spins by taking part in tournaments sponsored by game providers.

  3. You can post an honest feedback of your experience with on Trustpilot and get free spins.

  4. Also, you can get free spins as a part of exclusive promo offers or as a compensation for technical issues.

Is there a bonus for signing up?

At the moment, we do not provide bonuses just for registration.

However, we’re currently working on an onboarding quest bonus. The quest will be available right after the sign up, and you’ll receive free spins right after completing it.

Can I receive a bonus without a deposit?

We rarely issue no deposit bonuses. Usually, it is a part of a marketing campaign or it’s dedicated to a holiday or some special event.

How often are bonus terms and conditions updated?

Due to the fact that cryptocurrency rates are highly volatile, we sometimes have to adjust our internal rates and, accordingly, the size of our bonuses. Normally, it happens no more than two times a year. The last update was on 15.01.2024.

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