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Lottery Terms & Conditions
Lottery Terms & Conditions
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Now, let's get into the specifics of our Lottery - a game of chance with exciting rewards. Your thorough understanding and acceptance of these terms will pave the way for a successful lottery participation.

  • A maximum number of tickets a player can hold during the lottery drawing is 100 tickets.

  • One participant can have only one winning ticket.

  • Cash prizes and free spins will be enrolled to the winner’s balance automatically

  • Wagering requirement for cash prizes and free spins is x3.

  • A player must not have multi-accounts.

  • Any limits or restrictions set on your account before the lottery ends prevent you from receiving the prizes

  • Every participant is eligible to win just one prize at the conclusion of the lottery.

  • The maximum number of tickets that can be accumulated per account is 100.

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